NCT Blogpost #2

  1. What’s all the buzz about – Pay per click?
  2. Thoughts about the advancement of technology

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NCT – Minority Report

So we watched Minority Report

A 2002 film staring couch jumping Tom Cruise!

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New Communications Technology

Just when I thought I could have closure. We have New Communications Technology coming to re-open the whitepaperclip.

So here it is, I’m back. Hi Mr Andrew ! Minority Report’s report will be on the next post =)


Design & Illustration Elective

Is the best elective in comparison to the other 2 free electives for DMC year 2 Students.
UCCD & TVSM students complain about theirs, dream about doing our work.
This elective, has sort of made me relive the times when I was younger. All the sketching, arts and crafts, playing around with colours and drawing. Bringing it all up to a higher level, seeing how our ideas can be developed. Working on a digital platform. The final piece of work I did was my sketchbook, a pity I forgot to take a picture of it before submission. It really brought me back when we used to cut and paste random pictures to form a collage.

One thing all our electives had, were field trips. UCCD had to go to a place of worship, TVSM had trips to a golf tourney, the indoor stadium. While we got to visit a real agency, the Singapore Design Festival exhibitions and the last one, the Singapore History Museum. All of which were totally fun and interesting, at least to me, I like to look at stuff, the way things are done, colours and texture.

Which I have never been to until that day. I thought I had been there before, turns out that was the Art’s Museum haha.

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Threadless Tees!


Here’s a teaser ! – Can’t really see? Check inside for the full version!

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The most dreaded weeks are those, filled with submissions.

No design is 100% perfect. There’s no real definite marking scheme for designs, that’s what I feel. It really is alot on opinions and perceptions, which can be influenced by culture, background, context and a ton of other stuff.

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Sketches in sketch books, used to seem to be just for practice. To get the feel, to scribble, to kill some time drawing. But when faced with a task, it kind of acts like a canvas for your ideas. Your brain’s imagination materialized and refined.

I can imagine lots of beautiful scenes or characters, but they never seem to be able to be transfered onto paper. After reading the short article about the sketchbooks, or process books with sketches used in them, it has gave me more insight that what we have been doing, is really more of a process book with sketches. Rather than just a plain sketch book.

Given a task, with desired outcomes and objectives there’s always a need to be able to pen or sketch out ideas, that can be referred to. Then developed into or towards the end product.

“The destination is important, but so is the journey.”

Just some thoughts about the sketch book. I realized mine is still very,  dull. I guess because it’s just an elective and with  a very packed schedule and lots of schoolwork it’s hard to keep stuff clippings or things with nice designs in it.